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5 & Diner Restaurants

Food, Fun, Fifties!

The restaurant concept is more than just a 50’s style diner with our famous "Big Bopper" burger and shakes. It is are also a family destination, complete with a full menu featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We offer quality food, value pricing, and an atmosphere that takes our customers back in time to a simpler time with a modern flair. 5 & Diner is an affiliated company to LPM Franchises.

5 & Diner Bopper and Shake

A Special Destination

Bring Fun Back to Dining!

In addition to dining at our restaurant, a variety of events help to create a culture of fun around the 5 & diner.

Nights with Classic Cars enable folks to share their hot rods and stories while also exciting car buffs and children.

Nights with classic car shows, sock hops, live music, and Elvis impersonators make regular appearances at the 5 & Diner and keep patrons entertained.

We're not just a diner - we're an experience!


Dining 50's Style with a Modern Flair

A Fun Atmosphere

At the 5 & Diner, you can always feel comfortable pulling some tables together with your friends and staying as long as you like.  We are a fun, comfortable and easygoing restaurant, like the personalities of our customers.

Enjoy an atmosphere that takes our customers back in time to a simpler time - including listening to juke boxes at every table and watching old movies playing during our Fifties Fridays events.


5 & Diner Bopper and Shake

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert!

About Our Exciting Menus

We specialize in serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Our mouth-watering Omelets, Skillet Breakfasts, Signature Sandwiches, and entrées such as our world famous Cadillac Meatloaf and King Kong's Chicken Fried Steak keep families coming back for more. 

We also serve scrumptious desserts like our homemade classic Marilyn's bread pudding topped with warm caramel and whipped cream.

And we can’t forget those world-famous Malts and Shakes made with All-natural Ice Cream.


A Far Out Staff

Customer Service is Back!

We pride ourselves in serving our customers with that nostalic feel of comfort and satisfaction from the fifties. Some say that customer service is a thing of the past - well, we’re bringing it back!

Our staff attire is reminiscent of the 1950's including poodle skirts, change dispensers, and nametags featuring celebrity names from the 50's era.





5 & Diner of North America
24 Main Street Maynard, MA

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